Orlando Sales Training, Sales Management Training

SalesConsultingCreative Sales + Management, Inc. is dedicated to generating profitable sales growth for its clients. We utilize Dave Rothfeld’s Total Quality Selling™ and The Key To Successful Selling™ reinforcement-based training. This training is designed for professional sales training and sales management traning to create successful results which are the product of learned skills, process and effort.

Our Orlando sales trainer, Dave Rothfeld, works to develop a business sales training seminars that are customized for each client.  These seminars, accompanied by the appropriate learned skills, are what has allowed for proven success with our clients.

We believe in the personal approach to sales training and sales management training.  Your sales trainer will frequently go  into “the field” with our clients’ sales personnel to conduct real, “live” training. We use this approach to help reinforce the classroom-style learning in an effort to ensure that each salesperson is successfully utilizing the learned techniques and applying them effectively.

Contact us so that we can begin developing a sales training program to energize your sales team.

Our corporate structure promotes an entrepreneurial spirit throughout the firm, which encourages us to be innovative, flexible, practical, responsive, and totally focused on meeting our clients’ business needs.

This Recession Won’t Last Long Enough!

CSM has developed techniques specifically for selling in a recession—in addition to our complete sales training seminars, we are a leader in consultative sales training through our interactive sales training workshops and we can help you and your sales people succeed despite the recession.  Be aware that we also offer recruitment assistance designed to help you to find sales people who can and will sell for you.

What is Total Quality Selling™?
“A structured system for selling that is founded on the principles of TQM and enables the prospective customer to accurately identify their needs and also allows the salesperson to interface with the prospect in a truly consultative manner.

Dave Rothfeld/CS+M