Inner Circle

Personal Executive Coach – Inner Circle™ – Orlando, FL

The Central Florida chapter of the Inner Circle™ combines the benefits of personal executive sales coach with formal sales workshops covering a wide variety of topics relating to sales behavior, attitudes and sales techniques.

The Inner Circle™ holds informal problem-solving sessions with a “master-mind” group as well as personal one-on-one business or sales coaching sessions with a qualified professional sales coach, Dave Rothfeld. Our small sales coaching group format allows individual attention to your personal concerns.  If you are not comfortable in a group setting, we can certain work one on one to fine tune your sales techniques.


All Inner Circle members have an opportunity to work within an annual schedule that is customized for their pace and requirements and offers continuous reinforcement of sales fundamentals. The one-time membership fee enables each member to participate in all of the following without additional fees ongoing and without time limitations.


  •  Inner Circle meetings monthly
  • Individual  / Personal Coaching
  • Career Counseling
  • Personal Goal Setting
  • Problem-Solving Sessions
  • Business and Sales Role-Playing
  • Business Planning
  • Networking
  • Phone / FAX / E-mail Reinforcement
  • Self-Study Materials
  • T.Q.S. (TM) Manual
  • Career Development Profiles Available

Contact Dave to join the Inner Circle