Sales Management

Territory Management Tips for Sales Managers

Without a well-considered strategy that takes into account the day-to-day details of territory management, sales are going to be tougher and tougher to land. Here are seven tips for becoming more effective in your territory management efforts. 1. Divide your territory in a way that makes sense.

 One of the first steps to effective territory […]

Attention Sales Managers: Here are 20 Ways Your Salespeople Can Derail a Successful Sales Career

Professional selling is a career to which many are drawn and few are successful. In fact, professional selling could be the most difficult profession in the world. Given that reality, let’s examine what I call the “20 Dumbest Things Salespeople Can Do To Derail Their Careers.” But before we do that, it might be worth […]

Maybe its time to re-engineer your sales force?

True re-engineering is the radi­cal redesign of business processes to achieve major gains in cost, service or time. The key question is: “If we could start from scratch, how would we do this?” And the result: “Then do it that way, and throw away every­thing else.” The point and power of re-engineer­ing is the clean sheet of paper with which it begins. Filling […]

What you should know before altering your compensation plan

Your organization’s compensation plan can be used to attract and retain sales representatives, so it’s important to analyze it for effectiveness and change it if it proves ineffective. These last two points are critical, particularly if your market changes un­expectedly or if your organization finds itself in the midst of a sales slump. In these cases, your compensation plan is a […]

Effective Sales Managers Are The Key To Real Sales Growth

Have you ever wondered how people with apparently little talent get promoted to a point where their “real” job seems to be to screw things up for everyone beneath them on the organization chart? In my years in sales and general management I’ve observed this phenomenon around the country many times, including right here in […]

Is it time to hire a sales manager?

A great sales manager can light new fires under the worst procrastinator and turn almost anyone into a top producer. ABC Co. was a growing company. The regional distributorship had seven sales reps, each with his own duties, responsibilities and direction. Management realized it needed to control the sales function to grow responsibly. Sales management […]