Sales Motivation

A Few Ways To Get Motivated For A Sensational Year

Get Motivated – First let’s begin with a definition of “Motivation.” According to Webster’s New World Thesaurus, it means impel, inspire hope, stimulate, insight, spur, goad, move, induce, prompt, arouse, instigate, fire, provoke, actuate, cause, touch off, egg on, and trigger. Rest assured no one ever stays 100% motivated 100% of the time. We all […]

Don’t forget to ask for referrals

My favorite story about referrals has to do with a very successful salesperson I know named Bill. Every year he vacations in some exotic locale like Fiji or the Cayman Islands or Hawaii. Often these vacations come as result of company bonuses for his performance or industry awards. So about once a year, this agent […]

The Greatest Motivation Technique In The World

What Motivates People? All animal life (including human life) revolves around two powerful motivators: Pain Pleasure Every minute of every day, you and I are either trying to avoid pain (problems, frustrations and dissatisfactions) and/or seek pleasure (dreams, desires, goals and aspirations). Of the two motivators, pain is by far the greater. People will do […]

Bridge the Visual Gap with Sensory Descriptions

To paraphrase Earl Nightengale, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Powerful words, to be sure, as they relate to success and setting and reaching goals. If you can visualize already having attained your goal, you’ll be able to reach it. If you say, “Sure, I’d like to have a […]

Finding a Mentor is Easy, Isn’t It?

FINDING THE RIGHT MENTOR, IT’S EASY ISN’T IT? Instant Mentor? Can someone buy experience in the form of a franchise and become an effective mentor, coach or consultant? I’m sorry to report that I come across this more and more every day. Not so surprising in this down economy with numerous layoffs, leaving many displaced […]

Successful Sales People Are Obsessed

You must like what you are doing for a living, selling, enough to become obsessed with it. Not fifteen-hours-a-day obsessed; rather, I have-absolutely got to do this right today in and day out obsessed. For my money, the most crucial word in sales today is obsession. Close behind it are two supporting ideas, utilization and […]