About Dave

Dave Rothfeld is a sales and business coach and enthusiast with a reputation for results.

Dave RothfeldHe is the founder of Creative Sales + Management, Inc. a unique management consulting firm whose service hallmark is a shirt sleeve, hands-on involvement with its clients’ critical issues. We offer public seminars, in-depth consultation services, and formal customized programs for sales management training and customer service training. We solve the kinds of problems that lead to failure in business development-problems that prevent growth. Dave has a rich background in business to business selling and corporate management. Prior to founding CS+M in 1986, Dave was General Manager at Bose Corp., Executive V.P. Sales at Gulf + Western Corp. and General Sales Manager at Electro-Voice Corp. Prior to that he was a successful field salesperson and regional manager.

He is considered an authority on the psychology of peak performance and on the art of personal, professional, and organizational turn-around.

He is known nationally as a results oriented sales, management and service trainer and as a professional sales consultant and mentor to many businesses and individuals in the U.S.A. and abroad. Often invited to be a professional keynote speaker for Professional Associations and Fortune 500 companies, Dave is able to combine his continuous studies of the sales process with 25 years of business success to help his clients become more successful in these trying times. He stands in stark contrast to many who present themselves as “experts” in sales training and management training, but have no formal MBA training or practical business sales and management experience, relying more on a franchise, “canned” academic approach to the subject of sales and management training.

Dave is the creator of Total Quality Selling, a consultative sales process, publisher of Focus on Sales, a newsletter that addresses sales, management and service concerns, numerous sales workshops and is the author of “Sales Trax”, a weekly E-mail series of sales tips.

Free Weekly Sales Tips

Each week, I sent out a short tip on improving your selling skills.  Topics may range from upselling existing clients, to getting in the door to closing more sales.

Dave has extensive experience consulting and training International Businesses in the US and abroad. This includes sales, service and management training in the U.K, Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Hungary, Canada and Japan. Dave works today with several US companies who do business internationally. Recently he co-developed with Jens Ladegaard of Copenhagen, Denmark The Key To Successful Selling™ process that rolled out last year throughout Europe and is presently working on The Key To Successful Leadership™ program.

He was recently appointed “Executive in Residence” for Stetson University and is preparing and will deliver new workshops for students and alumni.