Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity – Entrepreneurship Sales Training

Creative Sales + Management is offering an opportunity to assertive people who have experience in sales and management and are ready to take the step to entrepreneurship.

George Gilder described it as “He casts aside his assurance of 40-hour weeks, leaves the safe cover of tenure and security, and charges across the perilous fields of change and opportunity. If he succeeds, his profits will come not from what he takes from his fellow citizens, but from the value they freely place on the gift of his imagination”

If this describes you, today, then we should talk about how we can license* all of the proprietary CS+M material and sales training workshops and procedures to enable you to establish a consulting / business coaching / sales training business in your part of the country.

You’ll be coached by a Professional Keynote Speaker and Master Trainer and have the advantage of working with processes that large and small businesses and individuals across the country have implemented successfully for the past 16 years.

As a Total Quality SellingTM licensee, you’ll be able to operate under your business name, building equity in your brand, while having a nationally proven service to market in your area.

* This is a license, not a franchise opportunity

Contact us today to learn if you and your area qualify.