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In November, The members only Inner Circle breakfast will be held on Nov.11 at the Citrus Club in Orlando, FL, and our annual “Planning For Success . . . building your 2011 Sales Plan” workshop, open to the public, will be held on Nov.18 at our learning center in Orlando, FL.

Negotiating 101

Here’s a list of five practical negotiating tips and techniques you can use to get better selling results in your territory.

1.Never give “your price” when someone asks, “How much does it cost?” Always say, “It depends.” When they ask what does it depend on – tell them. Tell them it depends on the quantity, the length of the contract, and what else they can include in the order.

2.Never lower your price without asking for a little reciprocity in return. Never means never. Always get something – if you want it to be a win-win situation. You can ask for referrals, a testimonial quote, an organization chart, a corporate directory etc.

3.Remember the “Law of Scarcity.” When things are scarce they become more valuable and in greater demand. It creates leverage for you.

4. Do sales proposals and avoid doing quotes. In your proposal always offer three options – best, better, good. You’ll be absolutely amazed how many people want the “BEST” when they’re shopping – especially if they have big egos.

5. Do you have a “Maybe File?” This file contains all your pending sales proposals. The “Maybe’s” are like boat anchors and weigh you down. They can become huge distractions for you. Periodically clean up your “Maybe File.” Simply tell the proprietors of the “Maybe File” that you’ll have to adjust the pricing upward in 15 days.

You will have more fun, increase your sales, and earn more money when you negotiate. Do not give anything away – learn to trade it away.

P.S. – when you’re doing the buying try this technique, when you are trying to get a better price.

1.Say, “You gotta do better!”
2.Wait for the response.
3. Then say, “You’re getting real close.”
Wait for the response.
Then say, “You’re almost there.”

It never fails to work.


CEO quotes and lessons:

>Spend time with people at all levels of the organization – they all have something to add.

>Use an electronic “suggestion box” to collect and examine pople’s ideas.

> Make decisions based on people’s suggestions. Reward ones that you implement and, equally, let people know when you are not going ahead with their ideas.

“Every week, there is a different set of issues, a different challenge, something to think about.” . . .  Margaret Whitman, CEO (1998 -m2008)

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Next Workshop:

Nov. 18, 2011

Planning for Success . . . Develop your 2011 Sales Plan

Planning is the key to success for anyone in a sales
role. This timely workshop will help you to establish
realistic and attainable sales, service and management
goals for 2011 and to develop a behavioral plan that will insure your attainmement of those goals. We will start by taking an objective look at your business and the opportunities you have for growth in 2011. This includes your competition, trends, potential roadblocks and ways to separate yourself from the
competition. This will help you to determine the
direction you should be taking as we focus on developing a plan to identify and track the financial and behavioral resources required to achieve the plan.

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