One out of  every six customers in America is a problem customer.

The most common problem customer by far, is the customer who grinds you on price.

People who sell services have more problem customers than people who sell physical products.

People who sell physical products have more pressure from competitive products.

People who sell mostly to Fortune 500 Corporations encounter about twice the number of problem customers.

People who call mostly on Fortune 500 Corporations encounter almost three times as many incompetent customers.

Having more problem customers can be good for business~

Problem customers account for about a third of all job related stress among people who call on them.

The three customers who are the most stressful to deal with are (1st) the customer who complains about everything, (2nd) the customer who lies to you, and (3rd) the customer who is incompetent.

More experienced salespeople report a greater percent of job-related stress from problem customers than do beginners.

Customer insecurity motivates most problem customer behavior.

When you sell for a small company more customer behavior is motivated by customer insecurity.

Most salespeople believe that their company President or CEO supports their selling efforts.

Companies where the sales staff feel that their company’s advertising is behind them sell a lot more.