Project Management and Project Coordination

CS + M will become involved in your office relocation or space planning project, taking it from concept through to implementation. The company provides leadership in the following areas:

Project Management – Assisting in the selection of contractors and subcontractors and working with them throughout the entire project. Part of the selection process includes developing a set of standards and benchmarks for the assignment.

Project Coordination – Ensuring that all the client’s requirements are met and helping to bring the project to completion on time by recommending, coordinating and monitoring the schedules of contractors and subcontractors.

Office Relocation Support – Organizing personnel, coordinating the move with movers, and supervising the actual move. This includes developing a move plan to maximize efficiency and minimize down time.

Resource Management – Linking clients with suppliers of goods and services to facilitate the move and build-out. Suppliers include, but are not limited to, office furniture suppliers, electrical contractors, cabling specialists, computer networking providers, telephone systems suppliers and movers.



– takes the stress out of office relocations and build-outs.

– helps to ensure that space is properly planned in new office environments.

– keeps employees focused on their main responsibilities through office relocations

– helps to maintain efficiency by overseeing contractors and subcontractors.

– ensures that projects are started and completed on time.