What did I say that worked? Words are our business.

“When they said that, I should have said this!” Not to worry. We all are better after the fact. What is really important is not what might have been, but what worked. When Ted Williams was in his prime, he was not as much a student of hitting as he was a student of pitching. Knowing what pitch he hit or failed to hit after each at-bat taught him how to hit it even better each time it came at him again. He was the ultimate student of success (and pitching).

We all take reverses to heart. We don’t spend enough time and effort thinking about what went right and why. It’s the little sound bites that work for us that make things happen for us. Our customers (most of them) react positively to what we say. What is it that we said that resulted in that reaction? Listening to ourselves is part of the listening course that is seldom taught. When you get a line or two that works, be sure to tell it to others; it will be yours forever.

One of my favorites: An old-time Kirby Vacuum salesman would say, as he wrote up his order, “And what is the name of your little girl ma’am? The vacuum has a lifetime guarantee and we will list her as the owner.”