Because we are accountable for measurable results, our profession lends itself to performance-based incentives. They range from straight salary (you get to keep your job when you hit your mark) to straight commission (you get to keep a piece of the action on a regular basis).

Every system under the sun falls in between, but the same principle applies to all.

Your customer doesn’t care what’s in it for you. They are only concerned with doing business with you on the basis of what’s in it for them. They need only know the benefit to their company, and subsequently to them personally, for doing a good job for their employers.

Your timetables are not theirs-nor should they be. You should be doing all that heaven allows to shorten the sales cycle, but your motivation for doing so, although personal, must be sold on the basis of gaining benefits for your customer on a sooner rather than later schedule. This semi-conflict is part of our business and is handled without difficulty by sales professionals all over the world. Keep what you get completely separate from what your customer gets at all times.

People buy for all kinds of reasons. Helping you should not be one of ’em! Those who make their close of a quarter a customer issue get punished accordingly.